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My Keynote

'Beyond Mindfulness: From Human Resources to Resourced Humans'

A joke I saw recently sums the situation up neatly:

EVERY COMPANY: We’d like to promote mental health in the workplace.

EMPLOYEES: How about hiring more people so we feel less pressure?; increase our pay so we can keep up with the spiralling cost of living so we’re not so stressed out?

EVERY COMPANY: No, not like that. Try Yoga or Mindfulness.

I get it - resources are stretched (whether by short-term trends like Brexit or longer-term trends like the hollowing-out of the organisation due to technological/market changes) but if you can’t pay your employees more, you can make their workplaces better places to work. Doing yoga or initiating mindfulness programmes are not enough to ensure rest, renewal and revitalisation.

With increasing competition in the fight for talent, organisations need to get smart about how they retain their employees. This keynote explains how to do that.